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plant families | rosaceae

This series began in December 2022. I was at the beginning of my botanical painting journey, so this series is defined by a lot of studies and referencing of the greats, particularly Pierre-Joseph Redouté.

These were painted separately and then digitally composed together to create my final piece: "rosaceae".

2022 — 2023.

No. Binomial name Common name
1 Rosa acicularis Prickly rose
2 Prunus persica Peach
3 Prunus avium Sour cherry
4 Fragaria chiloensis Wild strawberry
5 Rosa gallica "versicolor" Gallic rose
6 Malus sylvestris Crabapple
7 Rubus rusticanus Hedgerow blackberry
8 Rosa chinensis Bengal rose
9 Rosaceae Rose family

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