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rosaceae A4


the rose family!

- rosa acicularis (prickly rose)
- prunus persica (peach)
- prunus avium (sour cherry)
- fragaria chiloensis (wild strawberry)
- rosa gallica "versicolor" (gallic rose)
- malus sylvestris (crabapple)
- rubus rusticanus (hedgerow blackberry)

✱ a detailed inkjet print of the "rosaceae" original painting by Sara Ko.

✱ A4 size (210 x 297 mm).

✱ printed on matte 200 gsm paper.

✱ packaged with hard backing board + glassine envelope + cardboard rigid mailer (please recycle!).

✱ expect colour variation from screen to paper.

✱ 10% of profits will go to Haiti Partners (the NGO I worked with in Haiti) which focuses on community-based education.